Code of Ethics

1) Service to the Company:

I will serve my Company with honesty, integrity, candour and objectivity. I will provide my services with competence, using reasonable care, skill and diligence consistent with the interests of my Company and the applicable standard of care.

2) Representation of Qualifications and Availability

I will only accept assignments for which I am qualified by my education, training, professional experience and technical competence. I will assign staff & workers to Projects/Department in accordance with their qualifications and commensurate with the services to be provided and whenever required I will make representations only concerning my qualifications and availability which are truthful & accurate.

3) Standards of Practice:

I will furnish my services in a manner consistent with the established and and accepted standards of the profession and within the Laws and regulation of the Company which govern its practice .

4) Fair Competition:

I will represent my experience & field of expertise accurately to the company and offer unblemished services that I am capable of delivering. I will develop my professional reputation on the basis of my direct experience and service provided and will only engage in.

5) Conflict Of Interest:

I will avoid personal financial interests that might be in conflict with the interests of the Company. Such interests may include but are not limited to obtaining a financial or other beneficial interest from a supplier, customer, or competitor of company ; directly or indirectly having a personal financial interest in any business transaction that may be adverse to the interests of the company.

6) Bribery and Kickbacks:

I am absolutely aware that all forms of bribery and kickbacks are illegal and expressly prohibited.  If I am caught participating in such activity, know about , or reasonably should know about any such activity or fails to report it to the Management I will be disciplined.

7) Confidentiality of Information:

I will only make statements that are truthful and I Will keep information & records confidential when appropriate and protect the proprietary interests of my company & Professional colleagues.

8) Decorum & Integrity:

I will not discriminate in the performance of my services on the basis of Race, Religion, National Origin, Age, Disability or Sexual orientation. I am well aware of my duty not to place the safety and health of others at risk by engaging in violence, aggression or bullying behavior. I will respect superiors, co-employees & subordinates with the equity & self-respect and avoid use of profanity, physical aggression or any form of harassment or humiliation. I will not stand or not be a part of a criticism or intimidation against and management or its policies & shall not misuse the company assets or human resources for my personal advantage. I will conduct myself professionally & personally to the par excellence & will not knowingly violate any lay, statute, or regulation in the performance of my professional services.

9) Professional Development:

I will continue to develop my professional knowledge and competency in my field of practice and I will contribute to the advancement of the company as a professional by fostering research, education and through the encouragement of fellow employees.

10) Outside Employment:

I am well aware that as a matter of company policy employees are prohibited to pursue outside employment opportunities and similarly, employee’s participation in civic, charitable, or professional organizations or activities that interferes with the employee’s job responsibilities or conscientious performance are not permitted. Additionally, I will not use company time or resources to further non-company business.

11) Integrity of the Profession:

I will avoid actions which promote my own self-interest at expense of the profession, and I will uphold the stands of the profession with honor and dignity.